Welcome home lads and lasses, it's nice after all of these months to finally have you back in the shop. We've been working furiously to get this back up and going so that you could see what we do in a fuller and brighter context. After getting flanked from all sides with the same questions worded a million different ways, we decided to take a step back and re-approach who we are. 

What was originally one hell of a hobby, has quickly and unexpectedly flourished into a titan of a a thing that is inhabited by over half a million people among all the individuals among many platforms that follow our journey. Personally, we wanted to really define in totality what 1924 is comprised of.

We hope this relaunch does just that. 

From the history we aim to preserve and share, to the new brands we help to build, we are not just tradesmen, but journeymen of all sorts. We labor away at our trade in whatever field it may be. A journeyman is not perfect, is not the best equipped, but the most willing to learn and work hard to do it - that's what makes us who we are. 


We are currently still under construction despite our soft launch which is taking place this evening (woah, this text will be outdated fast) over the next few weeks we will add journal entries, hundreds more products, more descriptions, photographs, and many other things. We have worked hard to get this far, so as we may seem unfinished, that is simply because we believe all things are unfinished and can only continue to get better. 

Thank you!