The Sketchbook, by 1924us. - A preorder

The Sketchbook, by 1924us. - A preorder

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After many years of feeling bogged down by the arts industry, i’m happy to announce i’ve finally stumbled upon a sketchbook i can really get behind and, it’s our own. Developing this with our Publishers, the 1924us Sketchbook has always been an idea that has been surrounded with the shroud of impossibility. It seemed every paper i wanted to work with was slightly different, some were too thick and too expensive, some didn’t keep ink well, some smudged too much or didn't have enough give. There are all of these factors that go into what an artist is after, and i’ve finally made it!

The 1924us Sketchbook features the following specifications:

A lithographed 4 page dark grey cover, with a heavy rubberized stock, smooth coat to touch.
Minimal branding, the idea here was to create a sketchbook that could be the artist’s own, feeling neutral enough without any big logo’s or intrusive designs that artists often rip off.
Paper quality is extremely high, a Green-Certified, 100 lb (medium-to-heavy weight with flexibility) Egg-shell/solar white (just off white, no yellowing) great for blue light and scans as well as naturally lit drawings.
The paper is perfect, with a minimal tooth, allowing for perfect shading, ink reception (minimal bleed) and a slight opacity between each page.
96 sheets in total, equating 192 sheets of markable surface area.
The binding is a Perfect, cloth-bound Swiss, allowing the front cover to fully separate from the sketchbook, allowing more room for the artist without efforts to crease or bend the page!
Two size options include: Regular 7.5” x 9.5” ( 96 sheets ) and Mini: 5.5” x 8.5” ( 48 sheets )

A first of what we hope to be many options in the art realm from 1924us, this sketchbook is dream of mine, and i’m so proud to offer such a piece. Shipping is worldwide, and a flatrate of 12.00 anywhere in the world. Shipping guaranteed June 15th.

Designed by 1924us. Drawing is made on actual sketchbook paper as noted in preorder. Please zoom in for detail.

(Note: Above pre-order imagery is simply a sketch for advertising, and merely showcases type of paper included.)

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