Custom Tattoo Design - from 1924us

Custom Tattoo Design - from 1924us

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Hi! I’ve been drawing for years, and its come as no surprise that for whatever reason, a lad like me with no tooth and stick and poke style tattoos gets asked a common question - “Do you design tattoos?”
Normally i say “no”, not because i feel mean but just because it takes so much time! Designing tattoos for people to get permanently on their body forever, its a big deal, and as an artist who doesn’t closely work with a lot of tattoo artists, it can be difficult to convey the importance of finding the right tattoo artist.

NOTE: If you order from us, please include IN YOUR NOTES OF THIS ORDER, what you’d like to get done, remember each drawing we do for the 4”x4” must be no bigger than that, and is uncolored, unshaded and only features single line or block design like the designs in the photos. This is an homage to my own heritage and style of tattoos as you can see! If you forget to put your design in the order notes, please email us at

Expected turn around time, In order of receipt, and designs can take anywhere from 1 week to 12 weeks, so please be patient as we end up doing several of these at one time :) If you are worried about your order or want an update simply email us at and i will do my best to get back to you!

If you order a Detailed or Immaculate tattoo, it includes shading, styling, line work, color, and the works, please email us at to process your notes and orders. These will take anywhere from 2-6 weeks to complete from date of receipt.

Thank you so much! Warmest regards,

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