Forth Goes The Road

Forth Goes The Road


A book documenting the travels of Christian Watson as he ventures north towards Alaska. Without internet, cellphone or maps, Watson re-engages the natural state of his childhood, less connected to the outside world, and more connected to the world outside himself. The idea is to reimagine parts of ourselves as so defined on a daily basis by our connection to third party objects. 

With no hotel, motels or any other establishment of use other than the occasional diner, Watson takes the road with his 1 year old Aussie pup for a 30 day trip in a 1987 Jeep Grand Wagoneer purchased on craigslist. With no backup vehicle, and armed with a Leica, a Rollei and a Drone, he sets out to achieve images that integrate the journey, along with journalistic notes of discoveries along the way. 

Only 1,924 copies will ever be made. 9x12, excellent quality, rubberized stock cover, with a thick paper default. This is an amazingly produced, litho-cut style book. 

The book is self funded and published. 

Venture onward

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