Pre-Order - 1924us Presents: A Drawing Tutorial.

Pre-Order - 1924us Presents: A Drawing Tutorial.


Hey all! So a lot of of you who have asked us over the years the big question: how do you draw? Without getting into the nitty-gritty details of shapes and shading in description, this video tutorial (similarly execute to our How to Brand video) will go over how i have learned to draw, how i execute ideas, where i get ideas from, how i start sketching ideas, inking, gear i use, process, time length, how i get inspired, stay inspired and push through in the drawing process. What happens when i make a mistake? And all the rest! There’s so much that goes into it. This video will include NO digital asset rendering, but instead be solely about everything i do on paper, before and during.

This video tutorial will release in July 2019 and is currently available for a preorder price of $30. Retail will be $50.

If you have suggestions on what you’d like to see in the tutorial, please DM us on instagram at @1924us or email at

NOTE: please include your correct email so that the digital link will be sent to you as soon as the release date launches! Thank you!

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