The 1924us Japanese Texture Kit for Designers

The 1924us Japanese Texture Kit for Designers


With textures in overwhelming supply these days, and after many hours of using ones that never quite fit the bill, I’ve decided to tackle creating them for myself using genuine articles of antiques. What inspires me has always been the old wood grain, leather creasing, and other minute details often looked over in antique goods. Whereas a lot of people try to replicate it these days, we have a serious advantage to the original goods themselves and decided to harness this power for the greater good of designers everywhere. These textures are great for clipping masks, overlays and backgrounds, they are fully color-changeable, easily scale-able tiffs that don’t lose quality at 1,200 DPI (you read that right) each one is 4,000 x 6,000 pixels as a standard. They open easily and don’t require significant memory to use, operate or open like so many of the better textures out there these days.
These are yours to use how you see fit (so long as you don’t resell them) full commercial licensing is included.

This set of textures in particular is made from 200 year old Japanese notebooks and calligraphy collections that are from our library of rarities. Not for the faint of heart.

Thank you so much and enjoy!

Textures, designed, built and used by the 1924us studio. 

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