P R E O R D E R : 1924us Presents: A Branding Tutorial

P R E O R D E R : 1924us Presents: A Branding Tutorial


This is the most comprehensive look into our life as a designer, artist and brander.
This video tutorial is very in-depth, giving you a personal and educational look into the process, tools and projects that have helped build my career, and that I continue to use to this day. You’ll learn everything about how we work, nothing is held back.
You’ll see where we drive inspiration from, how to approach clients, how to stay creative in a non-creative rut, how to convert pencil and pen drawings to digital, how we apply textures, speak and help other brands become successful.
The video consists of several parts but will all be documented and organized in a great HOW TO guide for you to understand and relate back to it.
The idea here is to share everything with you that would normally be held as sacred for a designer or artist. The catch is that i strongly believe the technical, tool and educational aspect of design is 50% of the battle, while the other half depends entirely on personal relationship, talent, and the ability to learn from your mistakes. All of which will be the point of topic in this tutorial.

This tutorial is set to be released December 1st 2018.

So if this is a present to you or a friend, Merry Christmas and Venture Onward.

This will help us to send you the tutorial package when the time comes, as the download is NOT immediately available until after the first of December, 2018.

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