What is 1924us? 

To create a faceless community. To appreciate the ages before us. To create an extension of ourselves. 1924 was developed as an outlet for creativity during Christian Watson's first year in Architecture school, out of it a garden grew from a single seed. The idea for this brand is to make sure that historical pieces are survived by us, found in rough conditions and restored to a place where they can be thoroughly appreciated. Our goal is to support our community, which is every community, regardless of political belief, religious ideals, sexual preference, etc. History affects all of us in grave and miraculous ways. 

What does 1924us do?

We are a design agency that specializes in the antiquated methods of developing brands, identities, packaging and logo marks. We also have several other ongoing projects that all relate back to our heritage: from photography and writing books, to developing products and collecting antiques. 1924us focuses on completing the entire package of inspiration for anyone who views our work from an outside, or inside, perspective. With our main driving force being design, we are able to consider ourselves journeymen of everything we do - never the master, but always willing to learn in order to better not only our own experience, but the lives of others as well.

Why are your prices in USD?

Due to technical reasons, Squarespace has not yet implemented a built-in currency conversion for any of its websites. Because of the amount of items we have in our shop, we are unable to code in the price for each item. We are heavily familiar with the United States Dollar as being one that doesn’t often fluctuate. Our business has, up til recently, been established and built in Portland, Oregon, USA, now residing in Australia, we still want to focus on making the shop as universal as possible not attributing it to the location we live in but instead for what we know. If you have further inquiries please email us at info@1924.us

What is a preset?

A preset is a photography tool used for editing. We make these little tools as way to help share a bit of our creative process with those interested in our own editing and coloring and lighting techniques when it comes to our photography. These can be installed using Adobe Lightroom CC or later which can be found on Adobe.com. They also make a mobile version that will work as well.

Where's my package? 

With all orders placed, a tracking number will be attached with your product. Don't worry, it's on its way to you home. Shipping will take approximately 7-10 days for domestic from date of order, We ask that our overseas friends be patient, orders may take a 2-4 weeks. If you didn't get your order, come yell at us: info@1924.us

All parcels will be sent either priority mail or ground depending on your location. If your particular order is of a large size or particularly heavy in weight we may contact you to receive additional payment for shipping method.

Where do you source your materials? 

All materials are gathered over our travels. Antique shops, gifts, found objects, etc. We work very hard to source ethically made goods, salvaged from years as old as the 1500's to modern day makers. We want the best of the best, no matter how worthless it might seem. We are believers in potential.  

What is your refund policy? 

We do not offer refunds for antiques unless it has arrived to you already damaged. For new products like T-shirts, supplies, etc. if you are not happy with your order for whatever reason, we'll be happy to refund you within 14 days of it's arrival. Antiques are described to the best of our knowledge and ability, if you feel you've been seriously swindled, email us and we'll make sure you're more than taken care of.