Pinafore No. 2

Pinafore No. 2


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Adjustments - Mel has hemmed this version of the dress a little more (so it’s shorter), and we have two new linen colours (same beautiful quality).


This dress has been a work in progress for some time now. It is a collaboration piece between a lifelong friend, Melody & I. I have been heavily inspired by the elegance, quality and simple femininity of the late 1800’s. So it was important to create something reminiscent of history yet still very much wearable, easily customizable to fit whoever wears it and modern in our own era.


The pinafore is made from 100% pre softened Lithuanian linen. There is an internal side zip for convenience, two internal pockets by each side and a weighted hem at the bottom for beautiful feel and movement as you walk. The straps are open to interpretation - depending on what neckline you like and how you would like the dress to fall, you can cross them at the back, drop them straight down, wear a top underneath, tie them around your waist, there are a few options, you can see in the images :).

Melody has been sewing her own linen garments for quite some time, so whether you are wearing it out or just at home - together we made sure the quality is the best we could find and the pinafores are extremely comfortable to do almost any activity in. All the dresses are hand sewn with incredible attention to detail and quality - in Australia, and we are extremely proud and excited about them! We hope you live in this piece and it becomes something you make lifelong memories in :)


There are two sizes available including,

S-M - (fits sizes 6 to 10)

length - 43 inches from where the strap meets the front to the bottom.

waist - 17 inches across, 34 inches circumference.

M-L - (fits sizes 12 - 14)

length - 43 inches from where the strap meets the front to the bottom.

waist - 18.5 inches across, 37 inches circumference.

(Mel & I are wearing the S-M above here, we are 5’9).


The dress will take 4 weeks to be sewn, and will ship to you once finished.
Shipping globally generally takes 1 week from date of completion, (shipping within Australia will likely take a little less time).

you can see more images on Elle’s blogpost here ->

if you have any other questions please feel free to email us -

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