1924 signature 'Onward' engraved sterling silver ring bathed in gold

1924 signature 'Onward' engraved sterling silver ring bathed in gold


The making

It is time to release our signature rings. These have been a work in progress since last year and are something we have been passionate to create for a long while now! We have worked with a close friend of ours, Isai - he is based in Mexico and all the rings are handmade there. There have been many iterations back and forth testing materials, finishes and widths and we’ve finally come up with a variation of classic yet unique rings that represent our vision of timelessness through design.

The Ring

This ring is hand hammered sterling silver, with a gold bathe finish. We sought to make something sentimental, high quality, that is beautifully designed and affordable. The gold finish wears down over time, some parts sticking and others becoming more transparent to show the silver through, this is a antiqued finish which the ring will remain like (you can see an image in the gallery to showcase this. Overall this ring is one of our staples and we are excited to share it with you all!

Ring Sizing

it is quite simple to find your ring measurement, the best option is to visit a jeweler and have it measured by them.

Note :The most accurate way from home is determined by measuring the inner diameter of an existing ring you have in millimeters, and if you don’t have one already - cut a thin piece of paper and wrap it around your ring figure, marking exactly where the edges of the paper meet. You can find the ring size chart in the photo gallery to note your size.

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