Now don't get me wrong here, the last few years were packed full of experiences i could never have dreamed up, some really good ones, others were difficult and trying. But overall, i was able to do things i never had before and help others in a way that was entirely new to me - there is definitely a peaceful use from social media. 

For me, it hadn't become some blatant obsession, contrarily i was simply not focused on the things that mattered the most, like what i was actually doing to begin with. It was this sort of linear thinking that got me stuck in a loop of: "hey, this will work on instagram" as opportunities and jobs came more abundantly i found myself repeating this all the stronger, less focused on what i was producing, more focused on what was being produced for me. By all means, use social media, have fun with it and do so wisely, but look at this more as a cautionary tale from someone who should have known better - it is not the end all, be all. 


You knew that already i'm sure, but if you're reading this, you can probably take a swing that you already understand the underlying issue: myself. It's the one thing we always seem to overlook when we're dealing with a struggle. 


i am forever expectant of good things to come, not in a "i deserve that!" kind of way, but in a strong-willed, "i'm gonna go after that!" way. Since i was young, i've had this ambition and level of creativity, it's got something to do with my imagination and growing up in a wooded little area in Southern Oregon, when it's nothing but rain and fog outside, you have to think of something, and so think i did. Drawing, design, photography, building, all of these things have interested me and been in my practice either since i was a young child or a young teenager, as i have evolved, i have always wanted a LOUD PLATFORM TO SHARE IT ON! But as you grow, you soon realize that isn't totally necessary. The people who want to find it, will seek it out, and there's no need to go around shouting about what i have going on in my life in order to get people to listen, sometimes you can just talk. 

So, what's next?


 i am as excited as i can be to let you know that i will continue to share and grow 1924us as a branding and design studio, with massive projects in the works lately, i don't see us letting up anytime soon, right now it's just a new set of challenges: How to survive without the access to a social media audience. Now we still have roughly 20,000 visitors a week to the 1924 site, so you can do the math on that, there's a large volume of people who come through and want to read, but its not such an accessible "hey cool post!" "wow" "great job" sort of thing, the people who want to engage really have to go out of their way (I'm talking to you few who have commented on my last few posts, you know who you are!) but not so far out of their way that they feel left out. 

We are working on a new design section of the website, a new book, called Defeat (seriously it's going to be one of my best works along AKQA's very own Ajaz Ahmed) new photography posts, new journals, new items for the shop. Through 1924us as a site i wanted to build a home-like experience where you don't have to go and follow us on all these social medias and try to keep up with an ever-changing number of new channels that seem to hold us to opening new tabs, new apps, new this and that... i just wanted to simplify the whole experience. 

So though i have left something behind, it is not me who is gone, just an app. The audience who endures will come to listen, and read, and peruse and that's the experience i want to elicit. There will be all sorts of things for me as a person to share with you on a deeper level, (plus you get to see my landscape photos now, i mean C'MON that's a plus right there) while some people will think leaving instagram is a limiting thing, that it's done damage or put some off... i'd say the opposite is true: 

There is only everything else to come now, and i'm ready to embrace it.