It's a word we often associate with success or gain, and yes i'd be deceiving you if "happiness" also wasn't included in that. In our world though, by which of course i mean "culture" more than anything, pursuit tends to be akin to "What's next?" the great generational question. 

So what is next? What's to come? 

We're all aware of the small-time obsessions we find ourselves frantically fighting over, whether its with strangers half a million miles away, or our loved ones just inches from our skin. Pursuit comes from the words "following after". 
And you can see that definition really come to life now, so many of us following after these small-time addictions in exchange for something, we hope, will bring us betterment. i'd like to refrain from saying things like crypto-currency, next generation Apple products, etcetera. "if it gets better, i get better" the desperate split belief of a person who wants to better themselves through a third party, it's typically what "following after" means. 

But Pursuit isn't some negative thing, i don't dare swear on gloom by these words, just showing how easy it might be to chase after the wrong thing. 
For those of you that don't know me all that well, i got engaged last year in a desperate attempt to fix my own issues. In that pursuit, pre-emptive and selfish, i caused damage and harm to those i loved. When you are not ready to obtain something, be it status, a thing, a person's love, etc... you find yourself all too eager to prove that you are ready instead of taking the dignified road and admitting to yourself, and harder still, to those around you, that you are unprepared. 

Pursuing for what's next can be grand if you're ready for it, but if you're just endlessly chasing, never satisfied, then why is there so much emphasis on the journey before this one? It's a question i find in the middle of the warm afternoon, wondering why i can be so plagued with challenge. Am i not ready? Am i wrong about where i'm going? 


We're all after God in our own respect. Even the origin word of "God" is an incredible English marvel. We really don't know the truth about where it came from in history. Yes we have our theories and ideas but even the smartest answer we can come up with is "well, it's just back there somewhere we think." 

But really God is associated with the phrase, "To whom {or what} sacrifices are made {in act of worship}" i think you see where i'm getting with this. 
God is oft' some giant myth that we look up to the sky in our moments of weakness and desperation screaming to and pondering on. We've all done it, humanity is not limited to the single-minded character of our individual lives. We've all cried out in hopes of understanding something we can't. 

So, we do what any survivalist does, we improvise and we create something that works for us in the now. For some, waiting for an answer from God {again, this being whatever you define it as} is like waiting for a rain in a dust-bowl drought. 

In pursuit of God that we don't often understand, we make sacrifices for gods we manufacture in order to feel better in the here and now, answering our prayers instantly. If you've ever just sat alone in your room without a phone, person to talk to or television to watch you're probably twiddling your thumbs out of nervous habit, as if completely uncomfortable with your own presence. 
At least, i won't condemn so many to this lowly assumption, but this was my own circumstance and one, upon conversations with many others, is shared more often than otherwise. 

It's a funny sadness that we will hype the world up in our heads, and be so anxious in our "waiting" for the things to come, for our pursuits to be met by our own, seemingly intensive, efforts. And yet, in that, we are so clearly unable to wait, begging the question: "when does contentment ever come?" 

"Content" "God" "Pursuit" "Waiting" all good words we use individually but generally not together. Through pursuit we are taught the importance of our efforts and often how those efforts cost us the act of waiting, and in that state of mind learning to be content, this i feel, helps us make our own peace with God, again, whatever that may be for you. For me, it's of biblical regard for the life around me not being my own. For you, it could be a number of things, but as surely as i know tomorrow comes, i know it's not the little obsessions we bother ourselves with. 


In saying all that, pursuit is a beautiful thing that isn't always about chasing after. More than not, it's about timing, when we're ready for what we're after it tends to come - not the other way around. If goals are met preemptively we can self-destruct and do more damage than good. There are simply no shortcuts. 

Note from the author: If you haven't already noticed we have made some headway into a new mood/mode of photographing, we are working on focusing on design and branding for our clients and presenting our huge archive of work for all of you to look and gander at here, along with gathering more antiques for the shop. We are also working on a new Presets package a new book called DEFEAT with NYT best selling author Ajaz Ahmed, and much more. OH and you can see our new work instagram. Would love to hear your thoughts on all this and the writing below.

Warmest regards, 

Christian Watson.