Dusk + Dawn Presets & Textures Kit

Dusk + Dawn Presets & Textures Kit

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This kit includes five presets and five textures. for the first 24 hrs it will be on sale at pre-order cost :)

The presets here are simply ones I have created for these shoots, which are inspired and created for dusk and dawn natural lighting situations - which is personally my favorite time to be outdoors! (These colors inspire my so much, I also based the new dress design colors off of the dusk sky). I am sure some will work over other scenarios however I would recommend using them in pink or low, end / start of day light.

All five are also heavily inspired by cinematic frames and old time films / photographs (this is also why I included textures to this kit so there is more to experiment with:)

I realize now, this is something which is quite trendy at the moment however I connect so strongly with pictures. especially the layers in which are apart of images, particularly in older photographs I find. So whenever I am photographing portraits or landscapes myself, I try to showcase a moment both honestly and also with a personal lens in which I find beauty in basically every moment and nook of this earth!!! It’s hard for me to describe but I try to spend my life and time creating, to share this with whoever is also open to it! So I hope you find good use and creativity with this kit,

Elle x


The presets are built entirely for LR but can also be used on LR mobile

The textures are made for Photoshop but can also be used on Photoshop Mix (the app).

(to view the presets larger I have made a blogpost you can have a look at here :)

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