Elle-May PRESETS - Adobe Lightroom

Elle-May PRESETS - Adobe Lightroom


Adobe Lightroom CC - Presets

Thanks again for coming to support our business, it helps Elle and i very much in continuing to create new content and help teach some of our trade knowledge. These 5 presets are our staple uses for our weddings, photoshoots, outings, etc. the list is as follows: they are made using Nikon, Canon and adobe standard color camera profiles.
Used with LR.


Soft Antique
Dusty Rose
Faded Grit

(To see the presets in use have a look here at Elle-May’s blog post)

This purchase also includes a comprehensive and detail list of how to edit, how to use and how our presets function in everyday purposes. Please enjoy them very much and give us your feedback! Thank you again!

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